A Brief Interlude

Its been quite a while since my last post and in that time period I feel like I have aged thousands of years. To give you a bit of perspective, I have moved 500 miles to the North, am engaged to an entirely different person than my partner from last post and dipped my toes into the salty bath of polyamory. I left my coven..fairly unpleasantly, and embarked on a new journey with new practitioners. Upheaval was the watchword for 2017, both for the US on the Global Stage and myself personally.  2018 bloomed with a few more collected scars for my fiance and myself and the healing process is ongoing.

It is my hope that the new year contains romance, a wedding, rituals, dancing under the stars and a reworking of my path. I hope you will stop in now and again and check on my progress.


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