Child of the Soil and Storm

You know that bible verse and commonly touted phrase  “Be in the world and not of it”. I have beef with that.

I personally believe that we are all fragments of the same divine consciousness and when we die we will be reunited with that conscious. Like a stewpot of Divine Love and we are the potato. Or the carrot, or whatever. Death is a way-station where we pull out our map and decide what road we take for the next journey. And many more metaphors besides.  Enlightened masters, prophets, and really smart people give messages about what divinity is, and what divine love looks like and how we can better model it. I don’t get it though…Why would we go to school to learn something we are already experts in?  We already know what divine love is. We’ve always known it, as we know who and what we are to the core of our being. The way I see it, we are here to learn human love. Messy love, romantic love. Platonic love, parental love. The kind of love that makes your chest hurt and smile wide and your breath wonky. The kind that you feel viscerally all the way from your curling toes to the fingertips and beyond. The whole point is to be of the world. That’s where the lessons are, damnit.

If you glide through life like a ghost, not allowing anything to touch you, then whats the point?  Have you learnt anything new, or did you spend your entire time waiting by the door wailing for Mommy to come get you from school? You’ve got to make friends and make connections and understand through play. You are just gonna wear yourself out by crying and refusing to share juice with Jimmy. And when you go home finally at the end of the day, Mommy and Daddy are gonna tell you to share juice with Jimmy because sharing is an important lesson and Jimmy is a precious child too.

The metaphor got a little heavy handed and long winded but you get where I am coming from.

You are a child of the storm and sea and earthly soil. Revel in that. Dance barefoot amongst the trees with giddy laughter. Drink deep from the cups that are offered. Let joy and wonderment pound through your veins and I promise you, that you will know God. And Goddess. Be wild. It’s okay, thats why we are here.

and when we are tired, sore from our wanderings and lessons and lunch-time escapades we will trundle over to our parents car, and go home. They are always happy to see us, feed us and help us get ready for the next day. Theres no need to be seperate from the world, to hold ourselves aloft. It does more damage than good in the end, you know.

Won’t you join me under the trees? I know all of the nicest spots and between you and me, my friends have the best refreshments.


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