Asphodel, Rosemary and Amaranthus

While waiting on my car to get its oil changed and fluids checked, I amused myself with arranging imaginary bouquets using the Victorian Flower Language to send appropriate sentiments. It’s a bit like a secret message that only ridiculous and pretentious people would understand. Naturally, I love it. For my partner I’d send red peony, red roses in full bloom, and ivy to showcase my devotion and love. To a good friend who is constantly full of joy and effervescence, orange roses and oak-leaved geranium.

Oak-leaved Geranium

The title bouquet is one made for the country; Asphodel( my regrets follow you to the grave), Rosemary (remembrance), and Amaranthus/ Love Lies Bleeding( hopeless, heartless). Perhaps that sentiment is too bleak. Maybe Mistletoe ( I surmount all difficulties) , Wild Tansy (resistance), and Cedar (strength) is more constructive. For as we all know submitting to delicious grief leads only to more grief. We must restrain ourselves from giving Grief His Due.

In my new pursuits I’d do well to carry cedar, yellow jasmine, and dwarf sunflowers. I need the strength, grace and reminders for gratitude as I embark on a new path of service. A favorite phrase has been on repeat in my mind for days and days now: “Generosity of Spirit” . Nature and nurture has created  this being who is focused on survival above all other considerations and its a constant struggle for me to not be a self focused assbutt. Ambition, cunning,unflinching loyalty, these are the tenets of my house. Slytherins are fierce in their affection and love, and I am reminded daily what those I love face in this new regime.

My deepest love in this crooked path has been the way lessons and bits knowledge are mirrored in an endless cascade of refracting light. ‘As above, so below’ is sort of a  simplified idea as I’ve found its more like “as above, so everywhere all at once”, particularly if it seems like I’m not really understanding  the moral of the story or the lesson I need. For this year my focus shall be how leadership is service. And how service happens outside of the desires of the ego, and it seems like the experiences are already stacking up. As an Aries, with the Emperor as my Major Arcana, one would think that this lesson would be intuitive, natural and easy. ‘One’ here having the meaning of me. I thought that. But when has anything with witchcraft been easy? Is it really witchcraft if there’s no exertion, no sweat, no blood nor tears? Can you say you have actually done the work if your hands are clean?

I say no.

Lets dig deep in the earth my friends. Reach out towards our neighbors with muddy hands. Grasp bundles of Hawthorn, Juniper,and French Willow. Give with a generous heart and spirit.


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