A World On Fire

My friend, former teacher and priestess of my coven, among many other roles has recently reworked her blog on her Four Rules of Witchcraft. You can find that excellent bit of writing here. My recent inner workings have led me to the question that revolves around her first rule; Don’t Burn The Witch.If you clicked the link, and you totally should, you will know that burning is not only a physical concept. My question is, how do you recognize that someone (or yourself) is burning you when you have lived your life engulfed in the flames?

The title of this blog comes from Netflix’s excellent Daredevil series where he describes his ability akin to seeing a world on fire. I think that trauma, PTSD,  reactions from old,old wounds can cause us to see through the flame, until we no longer notice it. For me personally, I liken it to wearing rose colored glasses. Only the glasses are tinted red. And the glasses are on fire. Everything is fire. Its a lot like this popular meme.


The first step in solving this rather unfortunate combustion issue is of course to first discern that the fire is there. This is the hardest step, of course and took many years, many friends and helpers, and a lot of courage to admit that something was wrong. I had to take my Aries bravery and jump headfirst in a direction that felt right. Its my usual MO, actually, letting my instinct and gut lead in me in the approximate direction and just leaping before I can really think too hard about it. I tend to lose my nerve and momentum if left to stew too long.

I’m much better with figurative leaps of faith

The second step is doing something about the fire. Therapy is a good choice, Reiki, yoga, meditation, mantras, spell work, journey work, etc…
What I don’t recommend is just allowing the fire to continue unchecked. This will cause continual damage and be generally bothersome. The tricksy bit with this part of the process is sticking with whatever method you chose, or combination of methods. Being on fire is uncomfortable and unpleasant, but it is familiar. It is home.As a person with Aries sun and moon sign I am very comfortable around fire. Almost as if my soul is sun-drenched and warm with it. But this form of fire is not the friendly version and no matter how friendly it seems, it must go. Change is hard work and by its nature it will be unfamiliar, and distressing.

The other difficult portion of this fire removal process, is that you must now defend yourself from people who have become used to you on fire. These people generally don’t mean to carry around matches and gasoline, but as a wise person once said to me ” You train people how you want them to treat you” and flame drenched humans have no boundaries, or have limited understand on what is theirs to claim. Blame, culpability, personal space, property, etc… And once you’ve taken on more blame, more culpability from someone, carried their burdens for them, then they are more likely to take that path in the future. Its easier than owning their own shit, and closely examining ones foibles has never been a popular pass time. No matter what Socrates might have said, I see many people living the unexamined life and doing just fine. They seem happy. Must be nice.

My year has been spent in the careful application of my Fire Removal Process, patent pending. Some portions have been easier, some have been excruciating. Spiritually, I asked for a sign and got one in the form of a very telling and slightly worrisome dream. But Ill tell you of the cabin in woods with a little old lady minding the porridge pot another time.

Remember to stop, drop and roll my lovelies. Stop in for a spell by the hearth, drop your worries, and travel worn cares, and roll with the punches and lessons gifted by the universe. Until next we meet.




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