Fields of Gold

This year I dedicated to Earth. Ive written about the intensive, cleansing and frankly therapeutic gardening that has come from such a devotion, in past blog posts like Growing Pains. This year has yielded many other fruits other than frantic, frenetic, planting and tilling. As Lammas has just passed and the Harvest season has begun its time for us to take stock of the fields.

Lammas has a special place in my soul, I initiated on a Lammas-night and every turning of the wheel since has seen me at the helm of this corn-and-grain focused celebration. Something within me just sings at the reciprocity of this holiday. Maybe its my fairy- and folk tale steeped heart. Maybe its my traditional Christian upbringing. Im not rightly sure. There’s something so evocative in the idea that to gain we must first give. And give without selfishness, rancor, or doubt.  Its an idea you can chew on; one that lasts and lasts without losing flavor.

Last year part of my written ritual pulled the idea of giving and sacrifice into a more easily accessible , fun for the family type activity. I found the seed for this idea on a blog somewhere out in the yonder interwebs, and altered it to fit better with the group and agriculture of my area. The idea was that when we give or sacrifice, its not always to the ether or to the gods themselves. Part of our harvest is community and that we must feed and nurture it as much as ourselves. To honor the community and the coven we bless and add raised energy into grape bunches, then spread out that blessing by gifting each other grapes and well wishes for the year ahead. I’m always proud of how we manage to blend mirth and reverence in the rites and to me this rides that fine line. I never leave a Lammas ritual without a belly full of grapes, sticky hands and many words of blessing spoken over me.

Leaning on the Earth of my Rising sign to steer my more Fire-fueled  portions of my personality through this earthy, loamy year has been a new experience. The slow, detail oriented pace is not what my charge-ahead action oriented Aries sun sign wants. Im learning patience this year. Along with the serenity of silence, the wisdom in picking ones battles, and the utter joy of learning like a child. I expect all kinds of new lessons will spring up and be cut down in this Harvest Season. For Lammas is the first of three…



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