Rising Tides

The summer months are my busiest season. In mundane life I start teaching every day for 4 hours for multiple weeks. My magickal life mirrors this in the lessons as well, now is the busy growing season, and recently Ive found myself longing for the quiet stillness that winter brings. I miss the body sensation of calm quietude when all around me are rampaging preschoolers with glitter covered hands.To combat this displacement I focus on my gratitude. I am grateful for the life and effervesce of each of my students. They remind me to wonder always and be constantly seeking new experiences. They gobble life and are free with their affections and joy. I am grateful for the influx of resources, for the means to do continue to do what I love and for the opportunity to continue my growth. upwards and outwards is the only way forward, even when it feels like Ive willingly stepped into a hurricane. A hurricane full of debris and glitter. Oh ye Gods the glitter.

Ive felt a call to return to my daily devotion as well as my steady practice of intentional stillness. I have a feeling my yoga mat will be seeing a lot of use, and my offering plate may never be empty. I recently rediscovered an old, almost ancient graveyard just adjacent to my house. I have a mind to do some clearing and planting to spruce up the dilapidated place. I wonder if it would be better to ask the landowners for permission or forgiveness. Perhaps an offering of baked goods will sweeten the way and keep me from trespassing. Better to catch flies with honey, right?

Speaking of honey and its sweetening powers, readers who know me in real life will know that Ive been struggling to assert my sovereignty and identity with those close to me. Im working on creating healthy boundaries and for the first time in a long time, putting myself and my wellness above my need to fix others. Its been a challenge, and Ive been  neglecting my magick. Ive done the physical, mental, and emotional foundation work. Perhaps its time to manifest my desires in a ritual sense. I admit that I have gotten lax and grown away from depending solely on lunar and astrological timing. I tend to follow my own tides, and I take pride in my ability to craft spells from pantry ingredients.Tonight, however I might pull out the big guns to re-enforce the good work Ive been toiling over. Dancing under the scant moonlight sounds like an excellent healing measure. Wont you join me?


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