Rites of Spring

Twitterpation. Drumbeats reverberating throughout my bones, the flow of energy like electricity in my veins, and the sounds of laughter and giddiness echoing into the field and forest. These are the strains to the hymn of Beltane, and my good friends did I drink deep of that cup this weekend. Even now I feel the sun drenched, oozing honey pleasure sluggishly pumping through my body
This year I was chosen to be May Queen, the human vessel; divine feminine embodied. I did undertake this task with the solemn understanding that a full invocation would be a powerful thing to ride and experience, therefore I didn’t set out to be fully ridden… more  like led around the training fields on a halter and lunging line. Am I making much sense or are my metaphors crossing into the overly-convoluted territory? Fresh from the dancing fields I find myself still dizzy. I offered freely and of my own free will and let the Goddess lead our dance. A prudent measure, I think, for I often have a habit of stepping on toes and missing important steps when I take charge of a dance that I have not over much practiced. And even though this partnership has spent years in the making on my end, I didnt want to fumble and have it end much too soon.

In a time out of a time and a place between the worlds did I cavort and play. The sacred marriage of God and Goddess, Anima and Animus was attended, witnessed and rejoiced in. And lo, we did see it and it was good. As May Queen I got to have my cake and eat it too, gifts were offered, and in return I looked at their cards. On top of my usual interpretations were the barest whisper and glimpse of impressions that I knew were not my own. Like much of our gender, I found my time spent within the embrace of the goddess to be a slow build, strongly and steadily working upwards to the culmination, to the very precipice. As that energy wound up tighter and higher I found myself withdrawing, needing time and distance from the company of others. In the seclusion and privacy of my tent the impressions came much faster and longer and fuller until I could see Her before me. What mysteries and hidden things that were whispered into my ear Ill keep to myself for  now but I feel very much changed, transformed by the experience.
As I awoke to a new day, a new person, whole and complete, married into a complete being of full sovereignty, I was left with faint impression of a sly half smile, like a secret shared between sisters. And like the aftermath of all earth- shattering moments of ecstasy I am wrung out, gloriously happy and fully satiated.

On a hilarious note and moment of complete synchronicity Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing was the first song on the radio on my drive back into town, and into the mundane world.



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