Growing Pains

Bless me my lovelies for I have sinned. Its been far too long between confessions, but dirt encrusted hands are no good for typing. I’m working hard to cultivate the little bit of land I reside on into a glorious flowering garden. I want it to be a retreat for the soul, and for the body. My partner is focused on all of the food plants, so I know Ill be eating a lot of healthy veggies in the not too distant future. I feel like Ive been bitten with the flower bug though- I am desperate to create beauty in this patch of earth.

I am desperate to cultivate beauty in all aspects of my life recently.

Another reason for the long break between posts is my foray into mental healing. My shamanic class ‘kicked it up a notch’ and I recently took a deep breath and plunged into therapy. Growing and changing for the better is just as painful as growing into new heights and I can really hear my bones creak these days. Growing pains such as these are a small price to bear when I know what glorious things will be waiting on the other side.

Spring has long been a season of rapid change and growth for me, it seems every year I too follow the wheel and the march of time. Fall is for  dead matter shuffling off, Winter for serene reflection and Spring always makes me jump into overdrive. I need to do. To be. Active adventuresome spirits do not prompt bloggers make.

Unfortunately for my partner this year its been a need for plants and gardening. I see this home of ours transformed into a oasis of lush greenery. My impatience is also growing, theses seeds need to sprout now!

Which brings me to the deep, meaningful, witchcrafty point of this whole post. Any kind of growth is going to take time, work, and perseverance for it to be a success. There is no ‘magic’ fix for the dedication that true mastery requires. Seeds need time to sprout, healing needs time to work, and I am but a slave to the movements of the Universe. Dancing to the rhythms presented to you is much more conducive to a bountiful life than straining to force a dissonant melody.

Thats all for now, lovelies, I can hear the siren call of the fresh turned earth and I must obey. Hopefully next time we meet I can tell you more about my walks with Cougar, and the soul melting joy of self acceptance. Remember my fires are always open, the mead is forever flowing, and company is always welcome.


3 thoughts on “Growing Pains

  1. I really enjoy your posts, both for content and your delightful writing style. It was back in 2014 that I suddenly had the desperate need to have my hands in the soil and overhaul the yard for similar therapeutic and shamanic reasons….you really must “obey” the call. “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.”

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    1. Sometimes the best things start with dirty hands and a glad heart. That quote should also include ” in the middle of enlightenment, chop wood, carry water”. I cant tell you how many of my more mundane needs have gone wanting in the face of discovery.


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