On Travelling

Id like it if I was in control.If I could flip the switch when I please, rather than be plunged into situations, scenarios outside of my control.

Traveling is dangerous, you see.

When I attempt to jump the hedge on my own impetus, its like I jump straight into a brick wall, or I go on a merry chase in circles. Nothing but frustrating quick glimpses of shocking bright red fur just this far out of reach.

Im sure that out of context all of this sounds vague at best and disturbing at worst. I wish I could give you more context, more details but Im scrambling to put together this much.

Hedge crossing is something Im finding to be something  either hard earned or inherently natural. My usual intuitive way I tend to casually integrate new skills has left me. My guides, Fox, and the others have been silent on this.

Perhaps its just not my time. Perhaps I have more trials and obstacles in my way before I can reach then end of this quest. Odysseus took ten years, I hope this journey of mind doesnt reach that long into the future.

only time will tell.

“Courage!” he said, and pointed toward the land,
“This mounting wave will roll us shoreward soon.”
Courage Wanderers. Courage.



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