The Sound of Silence

This year Ive been focusing my energies on the ebb and flow of the element Earth.

For me, that means I need to hold my tongue a lot more. Silence and Resonance are the twin halves of the Earth element in the Witches Pyramid of Power. And I desperately need to attend to the first half. Ive started refining my words, saying more with less. Keeping them safe and sacred and only speaking when necessary, trying not to waste time and speech on those who would only listen with deaf ears. At its very heart, conversation is a exchange of energies, and its tiring to pour energy into a vessel that does not give back.

Words have power, are the basis (at least for me) for magick. In all of the old stories it is the words of the travelers that bring them to their fate, whether it be good or bad. Look at all of the old fairy tales, myths and plays of the ancients. Its always when they speak what they do not desire that it comes to pass. Theres a lesson in that.I firmly believe that we speak our realities into existence, but on a more subtler level than we realize.  Names have power, those from the Otherworld teach us that. We take on new monikers as we travel along this crooked path, some more fitting than others, for the protection they provide. It keeps our true identity safe, unknowable while also at the same time revealing our true selves. What a delightful paradox we perform.

Humans, Ive noticed, seem to have a crippling fear of silence. We so often surround ourselves with noise, chatter  outside stimuli. I get it, I do it too, music, film, conversation- these are some of the beautiful things that make life worth living. Art is expressive, alive and absolutely worth devoting time to. But perhaps not all of our time. Im making it a goal to sit in complete silence for at least an hour each day. To listen to what the silence teaches me and then resonate it outwards.

My other goals for the Earth-centric year is to finally have a garden I am proud of, get my butt in gear and exercise more, set up my workshop and start making pots again and settle into this home I share with The Boyfriend. Its also about working in harmony, not focusing on one goal so much that I ignore all the other aspects of my life. Like in  Dancing the Goddess Incarnate by Morrison Madden  I need to flirt and waltz with all of the aspects of the goddess in all of their houses equally.

I must be silent so that I can fully hear the Harmony I wish to master.




9 thoughts on “The Sound of Silence

  1. I have been working (trying) more inward myself here of late as well. I find myself being pulled into any different things in my mundane and not so mundane.. As you know, I strive hard to be an exchanger of ideas and not so much an advisor /teacher.. I find it increasingly harder it seems to pull back my opinions and not to ramble though of late.. Although that may be more a sign of my age 😉 Bear has set upon me the task to work more inward and so I shall do as I am called, certainly she has a lesson for me in it.

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    1. I made a fascinating fetish type thing the other day in part of inspiration of your gorgeous cords. Ill have to bring it to our next meet up!


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