Divine Inspiration

Lately Ive been feeling adrift. Tossed by many currents and tides pushing and pulling me every direction, until my head swims and I cant find up from down and left from right.

When I get lost, I turn to my cards. Tarot was something I discovered and studied long before picking up a Witchcraft text. My first deck is well worn, well loved, well used. They have a comforting energy to them, like a dear friend pulling out a chair, and fixing a hot cup of tea for you while they listen to your troubles.  The trouble comes in when I fail to listen to their warm advice. Each deck has a separate personality, a shifting  palpable thrum under my hands.  A couple of the decks I own are sharper, more dissonant and brash, better for those moments when I, or a client needs a short sharp shock to get us treading water.

But too often I rely on a lightning bolt to jar me out of my drifting, never trusting that the waves are getting me to my destination in their own time. In the Gods time. No answer is another kind of answer.  When all of the cards are staring over their shoulder, perhaps its a message to stop dwelling on what was.

So here I drift, slowly but surely heading towards the shore I am meant to reach, no sooner and no later. But this too is a blessing.

Lunar Reading
Lunar Year Spread- The Wild Unknown Deck



One thought on “Divine Inspiration

  1. I’ve spent a great deal of time in my life being concerned about the waves … the majority of that time, I spent trying to stand my ground as the waves worked around me. For some of the remainder of that time, I thought I would give ‘going with the flow’ a try … I rested, and allowed myself some rare passivity. For some, that might be a way to live – for me, it was simply too relaxing, I’m a storm sort of person 🙂 The most fun in my life came for me, though, when I realized it was possible to bypass the whole going with or going against the flow scenario. I learned to understand that I am one with the flow; thus connected with all things my flow has touched or will touch, past or present. I haven’t mastered this concept, even if I came across it all on my own; but just the thought that I am already, in some way, as connected to my future as I am to my past … this is a comforting and liberating thought for me. “What will be, will be?” Nah … what will be, already is! There is nothing to struggle against, and nothing that I have to passively surrender myself to … all that will be, I’m already there, and just need to realize it.

    “So here I drift, slowly but surely heading towards the shore I am meant to reach, no sooner and no later.” A wizard’s hat, a long-stemmed pipe and a wagon (or in this case, boat) full of fireworks came to mind as I read this 🙂 More seriously, what I find really nice about this is that you aren’t hurried – you are at peace with where you are at, and at the same time at peace with where you will be when that place becomes where you are at.

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