You may call me Ivy.

I am a formally trained witch living, working, and wandering around the Southern United States.

This blog is my recounting, recalling, and rendering of the twists and turns this thorn and vine ladden path has set before me. Expect posts of hedgecrossing, dream work, quests, Divination, working within a coven and all the nitty gritty details of witchcraft in the good old bible belt. Within reason of course.

As always, a warm welcome to the other wild-hearted, ravenous souls out there. Pull up a seat by the fire, grab a glass for I’ve spirits to share.


If you find yourself in need of answers, oracles, or healing I can help here:
Ivies Etsy Shop

My work at The Sojourner Whole Earth Provisions is also chronicled on our blog : https://thesojournersite.wordpress.com/  and in the brick and mortar shop in Greenville. There I go by the name, Liz. If you are close, stop in for a spell and a chat.


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